Latest News

3/29/17: Check out the new booncach of the week, OUCH!

3/29/17: Booncach is spreading like wildfire in Dublin Ohio! Big shout out to Ms. Imes and Karrer Middle School!

3/9/17: Check out Booncach on YouTube! PLUS The extended version of "Sleeping" is available here.

3/7/17: Announcing Booncach Travel!

6/17/16: Check outOfficial Booncach T-Shirts... JAM!

05/16/16: Click on your state in Boontrack to see if your state is in the Top 5 in the country.

01/30/16: Booncach entered into Merriam-Webster's Open Dictionary.


What is Booncach?

Pronounced [boon-kotch] The question is not what booncach IS... it's what it's NOT! By definition booncach is a "broken surfboard". This is where YOU come in. The goal is to get the word booncach into the dictionary.

How YOU can help.

In order to get booncach into the dictionary you need to use it as much as possible in everyday speech and tell others about it. (Ref. How does a word get into the dictionary?) For example, let's say you are flipping some serious burgers on the grill and snap your spatula in half... you have just booncached your spatula! Or what if you get into your car and sit on your sunglasses... CRUNCH, you just booncached your sunglasses! Use booncach and it's verb form whenever you break something you are using. It's that simple! Now that you are using booncach let the world know by logging in using our state of the art Boontracking system (Click here to begin tracking!). Then watch as booncach spreads across the country!

Share the Booncach

Now that you have broken pencils, tire irons, surfboards, car antennas, bicycle chains, tell others about it! Email and share your Booncach with others. Be sure to send a picture of your booncached item and you might see it in the Booncach Hall of Fame!



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